A little about us

Tina and Michael opened the cellar door in 1985. Tina remembers the opening well, "it really was just a run down little cottage, once used as a Chaff Mill..."

The little cottage was subsequently renovated, with the help of family and opened in January 1985. The day of the opening was stinking hot (40°c) and there was no air–conditioning; to top it all off Tina was pregnant and nearly due with Bronson, her eldest son..." From 1985 the Kies Family Wines philosophy was "not to get bigger just get better".

Our focus has always been on "quality not quantity". This is why we keep our wine production small so as to keep the quality and its distinctive varietal characters.

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Kies Barossa Valley – The One Stop Shop

In 2006 Kies Family Wines were getting busier and even though importance was placed on sustaining the character and ambience of the cellar door, it was clear that there was a need to build on in order to accommodate the steady stream of regular customers frequenting the cellar door. So the Monkey Nut Cafe was born. From 2006 customers had the option to chill out, drink their wine and enjoy local Barossa produce. Tina jumped at the chance to further her passion for tea, building on a small tea shop showcasing gourmet tea and a magical array of tea pots of all shapes and sizes. Many visitors are astounded at the great selection of teas available. A beautiful archway was also added at front of the cellar door which has seen many weddings, special events and functions such as the Gourmet week end every August.

Michael Kies

Many of you may know Michael Kies! From the managing the vineyard, to selling for Kies Real Estate to public speaking, he has always been a hard worker and a very busy guy!

Since he was just a small boy Michael started working in the vineyard. His passion for his beloved vines is so strong, that we swear he has named them individually. Michael would often inspect his vines whilst wearing his suit and many customers would ask who the tall man was, walking around in the vineyard in a suit.

That is how "The Suit" our premium Cabernet, was born. Along with the love and care for his vines Michael has embarked on a new career, helping people achieve their dreams in sales, which involves training, mentoring people and public speaking.

Bronson Kies

You will meet Bronson in the cellar door during the week and he works pretty much every week end. His character is as large as life, and resembles his grandfather Ken Kies in many ways. Well Ken loved a cheeky chat and a drink! Guess who else does?

Bronson loves our wines he is proud of his heritage, loves his family and friends, and tells a good story. So pop in and meet him! He frequently runs into the wolf, so ask him if he has seen him lately...

The Wolf

Jesseca Kies

Jess studied Media at Adelaide University majoring in Multimedia, but her passion is sales and marketing. She splits her time between Michael Kies Training and Kies Family Wines.

Jess was a rock for the Kies family when her Dad went through leukaemia, as Tina spent a few months caring for him, she along with Bronson and staff looked after the business.

We love it when she is home because she lightens up the world with her smile and cheeky nature.

Jordan Kies

Jordan is the youngest son of the Kies crew. You may have met Jordan in the Monkey nut Café. He is an easy going, really nice guy that everyone loves.

We always knew when Jordan was around by the cruising, funky music he played and the calming affect he has on people. He was also known to make a wicked coffee!

Jordan also helps out in the cellar door in really busy times and some special functions and you will often see him with his mates at the Kies events.

Jordan now works at CBRE within the Commercial Valuations/Advisory Services Department and he is loving it.


Our Winemaker

Jo Irvine has been making Kies Family Wines since the beginning of the Millennium. Her father Jim Irvine previously made Kies wines for 20 years and with his expertise, knowledge and passion, he is truly one of the Barossa's true ambassadors.

So from one generation to the next, special bonds and friendships grow along with the making of excellent wine.

Jo has won many awards. All of us here at Kies Family Wines thank her for her constant passion, diligence and the care she takes in making our beautiful wines.

Kate Richards

Kate has been working at Kies family wines for a few years and she is like one of the family. She is a bubbly person and a positive influence on everyone she meets.

Kate is a local girl and loves to drink Kies wines. Just ask her which are her favourites and I bet you she has a few.

Watch out for some of Kate's funny antics on Facebook and our newsletters.

Sam Wallace

Sam is the newest member of the Kies Wines team. Originating from Ireland, Sam is a laugh and enjoys welcoming people from all over the world to the cellar door.

Sam's favourite wine is the Chaff Mill Cabernet Sauvignon and of course a few beers here and there as well.

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