Tina's tidbits: What to serve with Barossa Shiraz?

Hi  everyone, it's Tina Kies from Kies Family Wines, and welcome to the first Tina's Tidbits video!

So I am going to visit you once a fortnight with a little video about the world of wine and the best ways to enjoy it. I noticed a great response to our Christmas video so I thought I would check in a bit more often.

So the most obvious place to start, I thought, was Barossa Shiraz. Let's talk a little bit about it's history in the region and what has made it so special. It is the flagship grape variety of the not only the Barossa region, but the rest of Australian wine.

So it was only in the 1980's that Barossa Shiraz started to get a good reputation again, when small family producers in the Barossa made it from old bush vines and produced those tell tale characteristics of chocolate and spice. Prior to this the focus was on fortifieds and the shiraz wine produced was often used for blending.

The fruit for our Klauber block shiraz comes from 65-year-old vines and the block is dedicated to the Klauber family, also early German settlers in the area, who used to own the land before Kies. This is quite common amongst the wineries in the area.

It is that chocolate characteristic that is still definitely part of the ideology behind the big bold reds of the Barossa.

So now the big question: What do I eat with my big Barossa Shiraz?

So there are a whole spectrum of Shiraz wines available, but they vary in strength and character. So if you are having something really bold and big, for instance our Klauber Block Shiraz, you would have it with a BBQ, or big steak.

But if you were to have our Dedication Shiraz, a bit softer and lighter you might go with a chicken roast, with some honey carrots, or a Kangaroo dish with a plum sauce. 

So I hope you enjoyed this little bit of history today.

I would absolutely love to hear your stories about matching shiraz with your favourite dishes so please leave a comment below. After all wine is to be shared, so share your experience so that we can all learn from it.

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