Tina's Wine Tips: To decant or not to decant? That is the question...



Hi everyone,

So you may notice that I changed the name from "Tina's tidbits" to "Tina's wine tips" because I thought it was a bit suggestive. Ha ha!

So today I want to talk about decanting wine. So we have all seen people pouring, usually red wine, into really large glass bottles called decanters. But why do people do this?

There are two main reasons:

1. If a wine has sediment in the bottom of the bottle.

What is sediment? Sediment is often found in quality wines because fining and filtering is avoided to maintain some of the natural characteristics of the wine. As a wine ages in the bottle solids form in the bottom of the bottle. These are completely harmless but needless to say not pleasant when filtering through your teeth. 

2. To let the wine breathe.

We use the term aerate but basically you want to expose the wine to air to open it up and the flavour profile will soften. If a wine has been in the bottle for a long time, it will benefit from some time in a decanter. 

MY TIP: Take a wine that is over 8 years of age. Open it and taste it - then decant it for a few hours and taste it - and see the difference! I would love to hear how you go below... 

We always like to decant our 1996 Dedication Shiraz at Christmas time. There is a kind of ceremony about it, because at that time of year we pause with this special bottle of wine and remember Ken Kies, my father in law who founded Kies Family Wines and there is something about the decanter which makes it more significant. I don't know what it is... it's just interesting! What do you think? 

I would love to hear your decanting stories... Have you decanted any of our wines? How did they go? Leave a comment below - I loved writing back to you all on the last video and I look forward to hearing from you again. 


-- Tina

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